How to log into your StrataPort account

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To log into your StrataPort account refer to the Induction Notice you received via e-mail or post containing your StrataPort Login Credentials.

Once you have opened your Strata Manager website e.g. BCSG StrataPort :   

  1. Click on the Account Login button at the top right of the homepage
  2. Enter your StrataPort Username and Password into the appropriate fields
  3. Click the Login button

If you have changed of forgotten your password, use the password reset function, which will send a link to your registered e-mail address.

If you have changed your StrataPort Username (which must be an e-mail address) since receiving your Induction Notice, please contact your Owners Corporation / Strata Manager.

If you are using the correct Username and Password but having problems logging in, check to be sure Caps Lock is off as Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive