StrataPort Mail

StrataPort e-Mail Account Service and Pricing Terms

Standard StrataPort e-Mail Accounts include 100Mb of storage space and are complimentary for Lot Owners with at least 1 x property within an Owners Corporation managed by StrataPort partners.

Otherwise, an annual cost of $30.00.per year (Ex GST) applies to each standard StrataPort e-Mail account.

All StrataPort e-Mail Accounts include anti-virus and anti-SPAM filtering and full access to both desktop and mobile versions of the StrataPort WebMail System:

For further information and support please contact StrataPort. Please note support charges may apply.

StrataPort e-Mail Account Settings

If you have been assigned a StrataPort e-Mail Account (an e-Mail Address such as, it will be referenced in the StrataPort Induction Notice(s) you received containing information about accessing the System.

When setting up your StrataPort e-mail Account you will be prompted for certain settings:

Username: Username is the full e-mail address i.e.
Password: As provided - Case Sensitive
Incoming Mail Server (POP Server):
Outgoing Mail Server  (SMTP Server): As advised by the provider your computer / device is connected to the Internet via

How to log into StrataPort Mail

To login to StrataPort Webmail:
Navigate to the StrataPort Webmail website:
Type your full StrataPort e-Mail address and StrataPort e-Mail password into the appropriate fields
Click the Login button.
After clicking the Login button, you will be logged into your StrataPort Webmail mailbox and, depending on your settings, the My Today Page or your Inbox will display in the content pane.
If it your first time logging into your StrataPort e-Mail account via the StrataPort Webmail website, you may be prompted to select your timezone.
To stay logged in to StrataPort Webmail even after closing the browser, be sure to select the Remember Me checkbox. This will allow StrataPort Webmail to encrypt the e-Mail address and password.
Browser cookies must be enabled for this feature to work. In addition, we do not recommend selecting this option if you use a public or shared computer.   
Logging in with a Smartphone
StrataPort Webmail also provides a mobile interface that was designed specifically for smartphones and other devices with smaller screens.
This is a light, yet fully functional interface that allows StrataPort Mail users to access their e-Mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes regardless of their location and connection speed.
This mobile interface is accessible by selecting the Mobile Interface link that appears directly below the login box or by entering the following URL into the web browser:

What Mail Programs Can I Use?

StrataPort e-Mail users can access their StrataPort e-Mail Account through the StrataPort Webmail System via a web-browser on any Internet connected device. The Address is:

The major advantage of using the webmail interface, however, is that users can login to their StrataPort Mail mailbox from any computer with Internet access, anywhere in the world just by knowing their login details without having to worry about local settings such as the incoming and outgoing mail servers.
Additionally, StratPort e-Mail Accounts can be set up locally via e-Mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook for Windows or Mac, MacMail or via the e-Mail clients on most mobile devices.
If you have trouble logging in or experience issues with your e-Mail account, contact StrataPort Support for troubleshooting help.
Synchronising with StrataPort Mail
StrataPort Mail supports the synchronisation of calendars, tasks, notes, and contacts on desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook and over-the-air synchronisation for most popular mobile devices.
It should be noted that synchronisation capabilities may vary depending on the application or the device being used.
For instructions about how to synchronise your StrataPort e-Mail Account to your desktop e-Mail application or mobile device, please refer to the Support pages of your preferred application or device.

How to set up your StrataPort e-Mail account in Outlook

To add your StrataPort e-Mail account into your Outlook e-Mail client, follow the instructions provided by Microsoft on the page below:

Outlook email setup

How to set up your StrataPort e-Mail account in GMail

To have your GMail account retrieve your StrataPort Mail account e-Mail, follow the instructions provided by Google on the page below:
Check email from other accounts with Gmail.
Note: Gmail advises ticking the 'Always use a secure connection (SSL)' check box. Leave this box un-ticked.

How to set up your StrataPort e-Mail account on an Apple device

To add your StrataPort e-Mail account to your Apple device, follow the instructions provided by Apple on the page below:

Add an email account to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch